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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Beware of werewolf! / Cuidado con el hombre lobo!

This sketch really like in pencil. In principle it would be in ink but now I doubt it. It's that I like a lot! I think it is one of my favorites!
Este boceto me gusta mucho en lapiz. En principio iba a ser en tinta pero ahora dudo de hacerlo. Es que me gusta mucho! Creo que es uno de mis favoritos!

Friday, 31 October 2008

A few hours from now it will be Halloween night. The sky is clear, the moon should be out and the air is cold.

A good night for being outside and ... stalking. ;-)

Boo! :-D

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Muscle Wolf Growls "Happy Halloween"

No pizza delivery is safe from this werewolf ;3

Something I coloured in '06.

Muscle Wolf did the line art.

Blathering did the background and effects.

Hope you guys like :3

Adam G

Wednesday, 29 October 2008



Welcome to Furry Art Plz

*Shakes your paw/hoof/hand/tentacle/greeting apparatus (noooo, not that one!)*

Fur Art Plz is a blog dedicated to furry/anthropomorphic artists wishing to share their artwork and discuss their ideas.

Anyone can join. You do NOT have to be a fully fledged furry fan or a professional in the art field to contribute to this blog.

There is no obligation either. The blog is here to help you, not to burden you. You can sign up and not post anything till you choose to. We do not want you to think of this as a chore but an inspiration to share.

The Rules

These rules are just here to make the blog experience more pleasurable. If anyone objects, please tell me and I’ll take your comments into consideration.

1. Furry/Anthro Related

All images needs to have at least 1 anthro character.

All posts and links needs to have anthro/furry related content.

2. Adult Artwork

Adult artwork is accepted.

However, when posting adult artwork, please describe it in the post title.

For example, “Adult M/M Ractus Kissing Tower.”

3. Kinks/Fetishes

The following fetishes are not acceptable:


4. Play Nice

No insulting or hateful comments please.


If anyone that has a website or a link to share, please tell me and I’ll add it to the link list.

I hope you’ll have a fantastic experience here.

Happy Posting!


Adam G